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How to Build End-to-End IoT Device Security at Scale

Connected things include a variety of IoT endpoint devices across several critical infrastructure segments, including utilities, automotive, healthcare, retail, and building automation. Complex manufacturing supply chains make it difficult to build electronic devices that can be trusted – forcing security to be bolted on as a feature rather than being a critical element designed at the start of a product’s lifecycle.

By adopting a Zero Trust approach, IoT manufacturers can ensure device trustworthiness and security at scale through their product's end-to-end lifecycle.

In this panel with device security experts, discussion topics will include:

  • How businesses can gain a competitive advantage by embedding security in the devices they manufacture
  • Regulations relating to IoT security that manufacturers should be aware of
  • Where secure crypto fits into the product design and lifecycle process
  • Common IoT device security challenges that require a zero trust manufacturing approach

Device security experts in this panel include:

  • Ted Shorter, Co-Founder & CTO at Keyfactor
  • Ellen Boehm, VP of IoT Strategy and Operations at Keyfactor
  • Kim Bybjerg, VP/Head of Continental Europe at Tata Communications & Chairman of IMC (IoT M2M Coucil)
  • Paul Hampton, Senior Product Manager, Thales

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