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Certificate Management Maturity Model

A Practical Guide to Scale and Automate Certificate Management

73% of companies admit that digital certificates have and continue to cause unplanned downtime and outages.* What’s more concerning is that over half of these same companies say they have experienced four or more certificate-related outages in the past two years alone.

Bottom line: security teams need to get certificate management under control. And that’s why we’ve built this certificate management maturity model to help.

Certificate Management Maturity Model eBook

"On average, a typical organization uses 88,750 keys and certificates today to secure data and authenticate systems."*

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Self-Assess: Start by understanding each maturity level and pinpoint where you stand.
Identify Gaps: Define your success criteria and plan practical next steps to address existing gaps.
Make a Plan: Share findings with your team and involve leadership in the process.

* 2020 Keyfactor-Ponemon Report

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