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Lessons Learned from PKI Experts


If Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is so critical to enterprise security, then why do so many PKI deployments fail? Like most organizations, your lean security team is struggling to keep up with PKI maintenance compounded by growing security demands.

But don't hear from us, hear from the experts!

In this panel discussion, you’ll hear from PKI industry experts and current Keyfactor customers on the lessons they've learned over the years managing and deploying PKI.

They'll as they address best practices, new opportunities for expansion, and common mistakes to avoid when planning and deploying your PKI.

Join the panel discussion with David Falgiano, CISSP, VP of Security Engineering at M&T Bank and Rich Popson, Senior Information Security & Risk Manager (CISO) at Sensata Technologies for an engaging discussion with Keyfactor's CSO, Chris Hickman, as they answer questions like:

  • What are the key red flags or challenges you should be looking out for in your current PKI?
  • Do you or should you have a dedicated team for PKI and cryptography?
  • At what point does PKI move from a technology challenge to a business imperative?
  • What types of things do you look for in next-gen software for managing and orchestrating crypto? (e.g. keys, certs)
Originally presented at the 2020 Keyfactor Critical Trust Virtual Summit.

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