On November 1, Certified Security Solutions (CSS) is re-branding. Expect a new company name, logo and nearly everything about the company to change. Except our commitment to innovation and customer success.


  1. Has CSS been purchased? 

    No, it has not.
  2. Why the change?

    The CSS name has its roots in our history as a consulting company, and over the past several years we’ve transformed into the software platform we are today. We empower the world’s most innovative organizations with the freedom to master every digital identity. Our new brand will represent that transformation.
  3. What is the timeline for the re-brand?

    Our new company brand will arrive on Thursday, November 1.

  4. For customers:

    • Does our contract need to change?


    No, the company as a legal entity will still be Certified Security Solutions, Inc. We will simply be doing business as (DBA) our new company name. All terms and conditions will remain as they are. Please contact us with specific questions.


    Does our licensing change?


    Current licensing will not change, however any additions to your current license will require a new licensing structure. We will now offer different tier options based on your needs, making licensing simpler and more effective for growing organizations.


    How is our support impacted?


    We pride ourselves on having one of the best Customer Support organizations, and our Net Promoter Score and support surveys confirm it. That won’t change with the new brand. We remain committed to the continued high level of service and responsiveness that you expect from us.


    Does this impact our software?


    Not at all. The software is simply being re-skinned to match our new brand – there will be no changes to the functionality. Our commitment to product innovation is as firm as ever.


    What version will have the new branding?


    The newly branded version of the software will be released as a service pack to v5.1 on November 1 -- targeted to be v5.1.5. No previous versions will be re-branded. There is no requirement to apply the service pack.


    Will support for older versions be impacted by the change?


    We will continue to support all currently supported versions of our CMS Enterprise, CMS Sapphire, CMS VerdeTTo and CMS Topaz software platforms. For more information, please contact your customer success manager, or information@keyfactor.com.
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