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How To Secure Connected Medical Devices to Protect Patient Care in 2020

Vulnerabilities in healthcare IoT have life or death implications. This can’t be overstated. Innovation is transforming healthcare and with this transformation come responsibilities and liabilities. In an ideal world, we would live free of worry, but hackers want healthcare records that criminals will readily pay for. The good news is, this can be prevented, and this is where Keyfactor can help.

Being in control of your reputation, and free from stress of negative financial effects of data breaches, can ensure global trust in your organization’s role within the healthcare ecosystem.

Connected Devices are Transforming Healthcare

What’s in the eBook?

In this breakthrough medical IoT eBook, our experts will walk you through what you need to know about connected security in healthcare. You’ll also learn more about emerging technologies.

We’ll dive into IoMT including wearable, implantable and stationary devices. We’ll walk you through regulatory bodies and why they exist.

Finally, you’ll discover Keyfactor’s vision for secure healthcare and how we are delivering high-assurance digital security to the connected healthcare ecosystem.

Practical Steps to Securing IoMT

Leading experts teach you how to secure connected patient care.
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Security Breaches in Hospitals are Frequent

82% of hospital IT departments reported a significant security incident within the last year.

A Single Healthcare Hack Can Impact Millions of People

In 2018 there were 503 healthcare hacking incidents impacting 15 million patient records.

Security of Connected Healthcare Starts with Manufacturers

A recent survey found 96% of providers point to manufacturers as the cause of device-related security issues.

Innovation Impacts Security of the Perioperative Loop

Rapid proliferation of connected devices has resulted in lack of standards around how technologies integrate within a single ecosystem and between ecosystems.

Hackers are Targeting Healthcare Industry More Than Ever Before

Globally, healthcare had more cybersecurity breaches than any other industry in 2018.

Innovation in healthcare is unstoppable and making it secure is inevitable.