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Securing the Next Generation of Connected Vehicles

From a security standpoint, early editions of connected vehicles had a rough start. Securing automobiles is hard – perhaps harder than just about any other device. 

In this webinar, Ted Shorter, CTO + Co-Founder, and Ryan Sanders, Senior Product Manager, will outline the unique security challenges that engineers face when securing connected vehicles, address the role that PKI and cryptography play in securing them – and how the same principles can improve security for other connected products where high assurance and scalability are a must.

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Design and Build Secure IoT Devices at Scale.

Tight budgets, hardware constraints and complex IoT supply chains make it hard to build strong security into devices at scale. But when safety and security are at stake – it has to happen. With Keyfactor Control, device manufacturers can easily and cost-effectively embed identity into their connected devices at any scale.