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It's Time to Take Back Control of Your SSH Keys.

A Best Practices Guide to Managing SSH Keys at Scale and Mitigating the Risk of SSH-Based Attacks Within Your Organization

SSH keys are a powerful tool to enable secure remote access, but in the wrong hands, attackers use them to infiltrate trusted connections without detection.

Despite their widespread use and high-privilege access, SSH keys are routinely overlooked. Thousands of keys sit vulnerable on the network – unmanaged and untracked.

This eBook includes:
  • A breakdown of the causes and unique risks involved in SSH key sprawl
  • An analysis of SSH-based threats and real-world attacks
  • How the adoption of cloud, DevOps and work-from-home has changed the way we think about SSH key management
  • 6 steps to reduce SSH key sprawl and take back control of your inventory



Download the eBook: